What Are the Different Types of Technical Writing Software?

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There are several different types of technical writing software, from basic word processing to desktop publishing. Many of these products provide design and formatting assistance. There are also programs which enable collaboration. Which software to use depends upon the variety and scope of work in which the writer is engaged.

The most common kind of technical writing software is the word processing program. In many cases, it is all that the writer will need in order to complete a project. There are also projects where the text may be first written and edited in this program and later pasted into another software product for other parts of the project such as formatting and design.

Another kind of technical writing software is the design program. These can come in a wide array of formats, from products that enable the formatting of books and newsletters to software for creating packaging design. While these have not traditionally been tasks for technical writers, they have become a common part of a writer’s toolbox as they provide the ability to integrate a deeper understanding of content with formatting.

For projects with several team members, technical writing software which enables collaboration can help to keep everyone on the same page. These products can provide a means for writers, editors, designers, and other relevant personnel to work together while staying updated on all aspects of the project. It is a way of connecting both writers and other departments that work with them.


Some technical writing software helps the writer to properly format documents. This can be geared towards specific industries, styles, or technical requirements. Some products may also help with writing essentials such as grammar.

There are also technical writing software suites which contain a variety of different programs in one package. These can provide integrated options for functions such as word processing, desktop publishing, and design. Other possible elements include photo editing, assistance in creating web code, and tools for creating ebooks.

Overall, software used by technical writers tends to be a combination of basic elements and specific functions. While a basic word processing program is a necessity, there are endless possibilities as far as what other products may be used. This is primarily because, more often than not, technical writers are expected to have a comprehensive knowledge of the steps required to complete the media they are helping to create. This is so that their content will be effectively integrated into other elements such as function and design.



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