What Are the Different Types of Technical Writing Internships?

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There are a number of different technical writing internships available for people interested in this career path. The specific job duties for each position will vary based on the nature of the company and the type of technical documents they produce. In general, the types of technical writing internships will fall under a few broad categories such as those that are with information technology (IT) companies, manufacturers, retail establishments, or publishing companies that produce items such as technical manuals. Any of these might be useful places to get an internship to learn more and gain valuable experience.

Many people get technical writing internships while they are still in college, and may be able to search for and set up an internship that way. This is not the only option for an internship, however, and people who are looking to get extra experience or make a career change may be able to seek out technical writing internships on their own. They are often posted online, or may be found by simply calling the human resources department at a company, and inquiring about any available opportunities. Many companies are very willing to hire interns because it is beneficial and cheap for them to do so.


The nature of the technical writing internships an individual chooses to pursue will largely be based on his or her interests and education. For instance, while IT technical writing jobs are some of the most common, it will be necessary for an individual working in this field to have experience with computers and technology. Those wanting to work in government jobs may need to have additional experience in topics such as law and policy. Companies such as retailers, or publishers that produce technical manuals may be a good place for individuals without much experience, since many skills can be learned on the job.

Among these different types of technical writing internships, job duties may vary. Often, they involve a combination of writing, editing, as well as office administration duties to provide assistance to other employees. Technical writers are often responsible for taking confusing pieces of writing, and making them more easily understandable and accessible to a general audience. They may also be responsible for writing technical pieces that conform to certain standards of an organization or field of study. Each technical writing internship may differ, but most offer a great opportunity to increase work experience and make valuable contacts.



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