What are the Different Types of Stuffy Nose Remedies?

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There are many different types of stuffy nose remedies which a person can choose from. Some are natural stuffy nose remedies used by mothers for many generations, while others involve prescribed or over-the-counter drugs. There are also physical activities which can help relieve a stuffy nose. Most of these stuffy nose remedies have been tested by many individuals and are said to give them the relief they seek.

Many factors can cause a stuffy nose or nasal congestion. Most common among these are allergies to dust particles, animals, or pollens, and infections from cold viruses. Any structural deformities in the nose, such as those caused by injuries or tumor growth, can also cause an obstruction that may lead to the feeling of a stuffy nose. It is therefore important in the treatment of a stuffy nose to determine what caused the nasal congestion in the first place.

Avoiding things which cause an allergic reaction is often the best way to prevent a stuffy nose. These particles, however, are often everywhere, which makes it difficult for people with allergies to totally avoid them. Prescribed antihistamines and corticosteroids are among those drugs which can help relieve a stuffy nose caused by allergies. There are also over-the-counter drugs, such as decongestants and nasal sprays, which a pharmacist can recommend.


For those with a stuffy nose caused by viruses or milder allergies, home remedies can often help. Slicing an onion and sniffing on it is one way to relieve a stuffy nose. The chemicals in the onion can help release the mucus clogged in the nose, making breathing easier. Boiling a pot of water and adding some drops of chamomile or decongestant ointment can produce a good steam for inhalation. Eating chicken soups or spicy foods have also been effective stuffy nose remedies used for many years.

Exercise, such as walking and running, often reduces nasal congestion, as well as promoting good breathing and better blood circulation. Taking a hot shower before going to bed and inhaling the steam can also help clear the nose and give a sense of relaxation. Balms which have high menthol and camphor contents are great for rubbing in the chest and throat also before sleeping. Elevating the head by using multiple pillows during sleep can provide some relief from the stuffiness. Vitamin C can be taken as a supplement to help improve the body's response to infections, such as the common cold.



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Post 4

I have read some really crazy home remedies for a stuffy nose, but you would be surprised at the ones that actually work. If you don't mind sneezing a lot, take a big sniff of some black pepper. It will clear your sinuses right out, though you will probably need a tissue for awhile after.

Another stuffy nose home remedy that always works for me is to use a Neti pot. It may seem weird running water through your nostrils, but if you follow the directions on your pot exactly you'll find it does wonders. I always though the procedure looked a bit gross but you can't argue with results.

Post 3

@letshearit - I have found that home remedies for a stuffy nose are far superior to the over-priced drugs you find at the pharmacy. I would start by trying one of my favorite natural remedies for a stuffy nose and see how it works for you before taking anymore useless drugs.

What you need to do is take a few peeled garlic cloves and mince them. Once you have your garlic ready just boil it in a cup of water and once it has cooled down enough, drink it. It may take awhile for you to get used of the taste but the garlic drink really helps with nasal congestion and allergies. Just make sure to brush your teeth afterward or you'll stink of garlic all day.

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Every winter I get the worst stuffed nose and end up miserable for at least a few weeks at a time. I have tried tons of over-the-counter drugs to help my nose but to be honest, I don't think the stuff works that well. Can anyone recommend some natural remedies for a stuffy nose that is easy to get and really works?

Right now my nose is at the point where it is aching and feels a bit swollen to the touch. I can't really breathe properly and my doctor keeps recommending the same pills even if they don't do much. He seems to think they'll work if I keep taking them.

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