What are the Different Types of Spy Surveillance Camera?

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There are a number of different types of spy surveillance cameras, often divided into different categories based on certain features of such cameras. One of the most common types of camera is one that is part of a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system, which feeds images directly to a bank of recorders and monitors. There are also cameras that have internal storage devices, such as digital video recorders (DVRs) that allow the camera to record images and save them for future playback through a computer. Certain features common to different types of spy surveillance cameras can also include night vision capabilities and motion detector activation.

A spy surveillance camera is a device that can be placed at a certain location, or kept concealed on the body of a person, and records images or video while in use. This type of camera can be used at an indoor location, such as within a home or office, or outdoors as part of a security system for a business or house. However the device is used, a spy surveillance camera is often hidden or disguised and can be built to appear like an ordinary object such as a clock, radio, box of facial tissues, or computer speaker.

One common type of spy surveillance camera is a device that is part of a CCTV system. This type of camera is often located at a stationary position, such as outside of a house or concealed as a wall clock, and has a connection to a group of displays and recording devices. The connection can consist of a physical wire running from the camera to the recorders or as a wireless network. Others can view the display that is connected to the spy surveillance camera to see what is being recorded, and the images are often saved for a certain period of time for security review.

A spy surveillance camera can also have internal data storage that allows the camera to record images and video and save it for future playback. This type of camera does not have to be part of a larger system, and is typically used when concealed on a person or in a vehicle. The camera records video digitally, and then can be connected to a computer or similar system to retrieve and view the recorded images and video.

There are also a number of extra features that can differentiate various types of spy surveillance cameras from one another. Some cameras have night vision that allows the camera to record images at night or in low light conditions. A spy surveillance camera can also have a motion detector that activates the camera, allowing it to record images only when motion occurs, which reduces power usage and unnecessary recording.


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