What Are the Different Types of SMS Marketing Software?

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Some of the most common types of Short Message Service (SMS) marketing software are programs that allow users to add and track contacts to whom they can send text messages and add-ons that they can connect to social networking sites. Most SMS marketing software is designed so that marketers easily can send bulk messages to clients and potential customers. Features common among this kind of software include the ability to organize contacts by name and phone number and the capability to track the effectiveness of certain keywords meant to attract the attention of clients. Many kinds of SMS marketing software offer users free trials and the ability to increase the number of text messages they can send by paying greater fees.

SMS marketing is a marketing tool in which professionals send clients and potential customers text messages to their phones. Marketers often use these techniques to advertise sales, send coupons, and inform individuals about upcoming events. SMS marketing software is any computer program that enables marketers to send out bulk text messages, organize contacts, and track marketing history.


A common type of SMS marketing software is a model that can be purchased and owned. In these cases, a marketer might install software onto his or her computer and customize it to fit his or her needs. A marketer manually can enter the names and phone numbers of those who might receive messages. In other cases, a marketer might be able to import contacts from email lists.

Another common type of SMS marketing software is web based. In these instances, marketers sign up with a web host to use software on demand. They might enter passwords to access their accounts. Individuals who prefer this software model often appreciate that it is noncommittal since it usually is based on a monthly or usage fee payment plan. Marketers who use software on demand also commonly appreciate that software is periodically upgraded by web hosts, alleviating the need for in-house technical support.

Some marketers prefer SMS marketing software that they directly add on to social networking sites. This can be a valuable feature for businesses that have a large online presence. When customers contact them online, they can automatically can be added to an SMS contact list.

Many SMS marketers prefer software that enables them to receive response texts from customers. Responses, for example, might appear at the top of a contact list so that marketers promptly can answer any questions. This kind of SMS marketing software often allows users to personalize text messages.



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