What Are the Different Types of Small Business Opportunities?

People who dream of setting their own hours and being their own bosses may want to consider the wide variety of small business opportunities available in many regions. Though starting a small business can be hard work, it can be very rewarding for those with the right combination of passion and skills to survive in the business world. There are many different types of small business opportunities, including starting an Internet company or moneymaking website, buying a franchise, or starting a home-based business. Choosing the right types of small business opportunities will depend on an individual's interests, resources, and business skills.

The world online provides a great deal of possible small business opportunities. Within just a few hours, a person can set up a website to sell his products, advertise services, or even make money simply by sitting there. An Internet company can be nearly any type of business, from a retail store to a dating website, that handles the majority of its workload online. Internet businesses have the advantage of not requiring an actual storefront in the real world, which can save an entrepreneur an incredible amount of money on rent, utilities, security, and staffing costs.


Small business opportunities online do not even necessarily require any kind of goods or service exchange to make money. Creating a popular blog, how-to website, or informational page can be turned into a small business by allowing advertisers to purchase space for their ads, or signing up with an advertising service that pay a website owner anytime a site visitor clicks on an advertisement. The owner's job, in this case, is to maximize traffic to the site so that more and more visitors will be encouraged to click on ads.

Many small business opportunities are available through franchising. This process allows a person to buy the right to operate a store that belongs to a chain, such as a fast-food restaurant, name-brand shoe store, or even mailing and packaging service. Starting a franchise has the added benefit of existing name-brand recognition, plus the existence of a tried-and-true business plan. The owner may need to agree to operate by certain rules and regulations in order to operate the franchise, and may have to go through specialized training to learn how the parent company wants each store managed.

A home-based business provides that eternal dream: a chance to work while still wearing pajamas. Home-based businesses are typically small enterprises that rely on a specific skill that the owner possesses, such as sewing, artistic abilities, or baking. Using community, print, or Internet advertising, the home-based entrepreneur attracts customers and accepts jobs on a per-order basis. Home-based small-business opportunities can cover nearly every type of good or service, from custom wedding gowns to website building. Entrepreneurs in this industry often have total autonomy, but are reliant on a constant influx of customers to ensure a steady income.



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There are enough different types of small business opportunities out there so that everyone can find something that will work for him as long as he does some research to find the right business for him. Also, a person needs to have realistic expectations.

I had a friend who quit a high-paying job to start his own business. Several years later he was broke and working a low paying job. Not everyone is going to make a fortune operating his own business, so don't give up your day job until you know you are going to make it.

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@Laotionne - I am always looking for new small business opportunity ideas that I can turn into profitable businesses. I understand what you are saying about wanting to have a job you enjoy, but keep in mind that no matter what business or job you choose you will have to work.

I own several small businesses and I work 10 times harder, and I work a lot more hours than I would if I worked 40 hours a week for someone else. Even if you set up a blog like mentioned in this article, and you are able to work from your computer at home, you will still have to work hard, and there will be more pressure on you

because you are not guaranteed a paycheck at the end of the week or at the end of the month.

Unlike what some people believe, working for yourself means you have to work more, not less, and the chance that you will succeed is still less than 50 percent.

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Finding a good business opportunity and starting my own business and doing a job I really, really enjoy is one of my biggest dreams. Someone once said that if you find a job you love then you will never work a day in your life. That's what I want, a job I truly want to get out of bed and go to every day. I want to wake up and hop out of bed because I can't wait to get to my job. As it stands with my current job, I so dread going in every morning.

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