What Are the Different Types of Small Bedroom Solutions?

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Several different small bedroom solutions can help to make an area feel larger and maximize the space available. Taking advantage of vertical space can maintain plenty of open floor space. Choosing solid or small-patterned linens and window coverings can prevent a small bedroom from appearing cluttered. Keeping the wall color similar to the floor or limiting the use of area rugs over hardwood can also be helpful. Picking one area of the room or one piece of furniture to act as a focal point is one of the best small bedroom solutions, allowing for an element of design without overpowering a tiny space.

One of the easiest small bedroom solutions is to take advantage of vertical space. Skinnier, taller pieces of furniture take up less room on the floor while still providing maximum storage capabilities. For very small rooms, wall-mounted shelving can keep minimal walkways clear while still providing storage options.

A common challenge when it comes to decorating small bedrooms is choosing linens. Beds and windows are typically the largest features in any bedroom, and covering them in large patterns can make them appear even bigger, which often does not work well with smaller rooms. Using linens and window coverings in solid, neutral colors can make the room appear larger, while smaller pieces, such as throw pillows or valances, can typically handle larger patterns or very bold colors without overpowering the room.


To create the illusion of a larger space, painting the walls a shade similar to the carpet is one of the most common small bedroom solutions. This limits breaks in the line of vision, causing a room to appear larger. In bedrooms with hardwood floors, an over-sized area rug can make the space look smaller, while medium-sized rugs at the foot or sides of the bed can provide the comfort of carpeting and an interesting decor option while still keeping the floor clear of clutter. If a large area rug is needed, something in a solid color or with a very small pattern is best.

While larger spaces can lend themselves to several different large pieces or decor items, one of the best small bedroom solutions is to pick one focal point and keep the rest of the room simple. Placing the bed in front of a window can make use of the two largest features of the room and turn them into a focal point. One accent wall in a deeper color than the rest of the walls or a single, large piece of artwork can also work as an accent piece. If there is space, an upholstered chair in a fun color can provide contrast to neutral linens.



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