What are the Different Types of Skin Care Tools?

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When people think of caring for their skin, they often focus mainly on the types of products that will produce the results they want. Skin care tools, however, can also play an important role in a skin care regimen. These items include sponges, exfoliaters, and extractors.

The importance of cleaning the facial skin thoroughly is often stressed to women, especially those who wear makeup. To achieve thorough cleansing there is a wide range of products, from makeup removers to astringents. One thing that women should consider, however, is the tools they use to apply these products. Some beauty specialists approve of cotton balls while others highly recommend the use of sponges.

Cellulite is a problem that haunts many women. Cellulite massagers are skin care tools designed to make the problem less visible. These items are generally circular with nodules on one side. When rubbed over the skin, the nodules help increase blood circulation and smooth the appearance of the skin.

Tweezers and razors are two simple tools that both men and women may want to keep handy. Both of these items can remove unwanted hairs. There are several designs of razors and tweezers, which can help people maintain the appearance of various areas of the body.


Hair may not be the only thing that needs to be extracted from the skin. Acne can be an unsightly and embarrassing problem. Fortunately, there are skin care tools that can help with such problems. A double loop extractor, for example, is a lightweight tool that usually has one end for whiteheads and another designed to withdraw blackheads.

It is recommended that dead skin be removed on a regular basis. Many people invest in exfoliating products without complimenting them with exfoliating tools. The skin on various parts of the body differs. This means that exfoliating the feet, for example, where the skin is thick may require pumice stone but exfoliating the elbows where the skin is thin may require something less abrasive such as exfoliating gloves.

Since many people do not get the proper amount or quality of rest, they may find that their eyes are surrounded by dark circles or that they generally look tired. Eye masks are skin care tools that can combat this problem. The best choices of these tools are the masks that can be used either warm or cold.



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