What are the Different Types of Septic Tank Cleaner?

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Septic tanks are popular in rural areas where homes are not connected to sewers. Septic tank maintenance is not difficult to achieve, though there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your tank is clean. In addition to septic tank cleaner, paying attention to the follow details can ensure a clean tank.

The number one thing to remember is to avoid overloading your septic tank. By reducing the amount of water that you use, you can effectively prevent septic flooding. Any faucets or toilets that are leaking should be fixed right away, and washing machines should not be used excessively. In addition to these basic measures, it is also important to pay attention to the foliage surrounding your tank.

Trees should be kept away from your tank, and any trees that have particularly strong roots should be planted far away from your septic tank. Also, be aware that your toilet should never be used as a garbage can. Do not flush sanitary napkins, cat litter, tampons, paper towels, tissues, or any other item down your toilet drain. These objects will cause your tank to overflow.


Many people often use strong toilet bowl cleansers to clean household toilets, though these should not be used as a form of septic tank cleaner. Some cleaners actually kill helpful bacteria that is inside of your septic tank. When these bacteria are eliminated, a tank can become blocked. Instead, used a mild cleanser that is made for toilets connected to a septic system.

Kitchen grease is another liquid that should not be poured into any household drain. Grease can clog a septic tank quickly causing a large amount of damage. Make sure to dispose of any grease properly by storing it inside of a sealed container, and bringing it to a local waste distribution center.

Opening a septic tank on your own in order to add septic tank cleaner is never a good idea. Septic tanks contain harmful bacterias and gases that can have a negative impact on your health. On average, a septic tank should be pumped three or four times per year. However, tanks should only be cleaned by professionals.

Making sure that your tank is not covered by asphalt, grass, or any structure is the best way to ensure that experts will be able to reach your tank with ease. Using a septic tank cleaner is really not necessary if you follow the steps listed above. In fact, having your septic tank pumped regularly will avoid any trouble, and waste removal experts will add the only septic tank cleaner that is necessary during regular maintenance.



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