What are the Different Types of SEO Tools?

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There are a number of different search engine optimization (SEO) tools to help increase a website’s rankings. Keyword SEO tools are often used at the start of the optimization process because these indicate to the owner which search terms to target. After the keywords have been chosen, SEO tools for optimizing a website for the search engines are commonly employed. Building backlinks is an essential part of modern SEO, and there are a large number of products and services to help speed up the process. Many website owners also use link analysis tools to get information about their competitors.

Discovering good keywords is one of the most important parts of SEO. A keyword is what a user types into a search engine; keyword tools allow a website owner to discover what terms people are most likely to search for. Keyword SEO tools can show how many users search for a particular keyword each day or month, how much competition there is for that keyword, and what advertisers are willing to pay to appear in the search results. Many of the best keyword tools are offered by search engines for free, although there are paid options available.


“On page” SEO, which involves optimizing a website for a particular keyword, can be performed manually. Many website owners prefer to use SEO software tools, however, because these cut down on the time involved in setting up a website. There are a number of plugins for popular content management systems, for example, which will automatically optimize a page for a certain keyword by adding it to the title tag, creating META tags, and performing various other tweaks.

A lot of modern search engine optimization is known as “off page,” i.e., obtaining links from other relevant sources. There are a large number of backlink SEO tools ranging from programs that find good places to obtain links to mass link building services. Some tools, for example, automatically syndicate information articles across the web, all of which contain a link back to the website owner’s page.

There are also tools which perform link analysis; these allow a website owner to learn where competitors are getting links. A link analysis tool gathers data from a variety of different sources to discover which websites link to another. Basic tools usually only show the website address, while others provide extra information such as what text is used to link back to a certain site. As with keyword tools, search engines often provide some backlink information for free.



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