What Are the Different Types of Self-Help Apps?

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Once smart phones hit the market, those who felt a bit odd about carrying around a pile of self-help books were able to discreetly use self-help apps on their phone whenever they wanted. There are several different types for almost anyone who could use extra guidance, including some that provide a little motivation to help users meet goals. There are apps for those who could use some love advice as well as apps for those who draw inspiration from quotes. Almost everyone can use advice on how to cope with stress and how to be a bit more happy, and using these two types of apps can potentially make a day go a bit more smoothly.

Downloading self-help apps that motivate users to finish goals are ideal for anyone who wants to keep track of their progress on several different goals at the same time. Some allow users to put in where they stand as far as accomplishing their current goals as well as where they'd like to be with them, and as the progress is manually updated, the apps show how much progress has been made. Some even allow for a photo download as a motivational tool for a specific goal.


Quite a few people feel embarrassed borrowing or purchasing love self-help books, but the love self-help apps are more discreet and provide just as much help, if not more, than certain books. Some versions of these types of apps allow users to gain advice from others who also downloaded the same type of app. Rather than ask a personal or potentially embarrassing question of loved ones, users can ask strangers who can quickly answer the question as a neutral party.

Quotes are highly inspirational and can spur people to act on a particular situation. Quote self-help apps are ideal for those who want to receive a quote a day right to their phone or just want something to access when the mood strikes. Many versions allow users to save their favorite quotes for easy access later on.

Without some idea of how to manage stress, life can be quite overwhelming. Stress management apps are another type of self-help app that allows users access to techniques, tips and tools to get through highly aggravating moments or days. Some provide positive reinforcement, the ability to rephrase negative thoughts into positive ones and even apps that simulate the breaking of various objects. The latter is obviously a much less expensive option than throwing dishes to the ground.

Happiness self-help apps are ideal options for those who want to experience a more constant state of happiness. They can include various exercises such as keeping a gratitude journal, reading positive affirmations and trying different techniques to meet goals. All are meant to help develop a positive change in the user on a daily basis.

Although some self-help apps are free, there are some that cost a small fee. In some cases, a portion of the proceeds go toward nonprofits and charitable organizations. Before paying to download the apps, read reviews about them to see if they work well and if they're worth the money.



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