What Are the Different Types of Security Guard Software?

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There are several different kinds of security guard software. They are programmed to help with the specific challenges of staff scheduling, management, and communication. The software is usually developed to handle multiple tasks, such as tracking hours, availability, and skill sets, and can be adjusted to filter varying levels of detail, size, and predictability.

The complexity of security guard software depends upon the needs of the company. Some programs are better suited for staff on a single site, while others can manage multiple locations. The skill level of staff may also be included in a program so that the appropriate resource can be allocated to each position.

User accessibility to security guard software can vary. Several products are meant for a limited number of users, such as the administrator and those who are directly involved with scheduling. Other programs give staff some visibility and perhaps even the ability to make certain changes. In cases where employees are allowed to make adjustments to the schedule, there are typically specific parameters which the administrator can set up to ensure that changes are only made in certain ways.

Some kinds of security guard software use biometrics to ensure that the correct employee is accessing sensitive areas. These programs use fingerprints, eye scans, and other similar methods to read the unique characteristics of qualified guards. Usually these programs can be controlled remotely, so that access can be changed quickly if necessary.


There are also security guard software programs that enable communication between employees and their base of operations. These include remote systems that enable check in at the start and end of the shift and at appropriate intervals in between. This kind of product may use personal identification codes so that the system can verify that guards are who they claim to be.

Some programs also enable guards to check in at specific points while making rounds. These can be entered remotely so that there is an electronic record of the shift. Parameters may also be set up for each shift so it is easy to determine when a guard has strayed from the appropriate procedure.

Many types of security guard software have several human resources (HR) functions. These include tracking time off, such as sick, vacation, and other types of leave. Some programs have the ability to track and verify entry on timesheets via remote access, such as through a phone or the Internet.



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