What Are the Different Types of Salesperson Training?

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Salesperson training is important for those who are just starting out in sales, as well as more experienced salespeople. Most individuals can benefit from some new tips or information to help them meet their sales goals and build lasting relationships with customers. As a result, there are various levels of salesperson training. Introductory training teaches beginning sales techniques, such as what is most effective in certain situations, and how best to close a deal; more intermediate training is more specific to the particular product or service the individual will be selling. Advanced training may be given at conferences or seminars to those who are already working as salespeople, and will teach new techniques and inside industry tips for success.

Introductory salesperson training will begin from an individual's first day on the job. Initially, he or she might receive some basic instruction and then simply observe senior salespeople, either as they talk on the phone or meet in person with clients. Some companies will actually set up mock sales scenarios to allow new salespeople to practice what they are learning and receive feedback. The next step in introductory sales training is to teach the individual all about the product or service he or she will be selling.


The most effective salespeople know everything there is to know about what they are selling, because this allows them to counter rejections, and answer questions quickly and effortlessly. This is an integral part of sales training and may actually last a few weeks or longer, often done in conjunction with the observation and mock scenarios discussed above. Salespeople will then continuously receive updates and information about what they are selling, in order to be sure they have the most current and accurate information. In many cases, the next step in salesperson training is to have some meetings or phone calls with actual clients, generally while a manager or other, more experienced salesperson observes.

Experienced salespeople are not off the hook with salesperson training either. Though they may be very successful, there is almost always some room for improvement, and many companies will have regular seminars or conferences to continue the training and provide unique tips for selling. These seminars and conferences are often intended to motivate salespeople as much as they are to train, and will often detail special offers or incentives for those who sell the most. People who succeed in this career will often find it to be quite lucrative, but they must keep up with the latest trends.



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