What Are the Different Types of Remote Computer Software?

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While there are a few different types of remote computer software available, most software of this type is designed to allow a person to access his or her computer from a remote location through a network, such as the Internet. This type of program can be installed onto a computer, usually providing a password-protected method by which that computer can then be accessed through a network, either local or wide area. There are also some types of remote computer software designed to function with other programs or pieces of hardware, such as remote access to a webcam or security warnings about accessed systems.

Remote computer software typically refers to any type of software program that allows a person to access some functionality on a computer from a remote location. This can be done in a number of different ways, and usually refers only to legitimate and legal access to a remote system. Some malicious software programs can allow someone to gain unauthorized access to a remote computer system, but these are not usually legal programs.


One of the most common types of remote computer software is a program that allows a computer to be accessed and utilized from a remote location. Some computers designed by a computer manufacturer have such programs installed on them, allowing online technical support to “take over” a person’s computer while assisting with troubleshooting. This often provides someone with access to the system files on a computer, but may not allow the tech support personnel to access personal files on that computer.

A remote computer software program can also be used by someone who has installed the program onto his or her own computer. This typically creates a password-protected connection for that computer, and allows that computer to be accessed by the user from any remote location that is connected through a network. Someone might install this type of remote computer software onto a computer, have that computer connected to the Internet, and then be able to access his or her files on that computer from any other computer with an Internet connection.

There are also remote computer software programs designed to work with other hardware or software installed onto a computer. Some webcams, for example, can be connected to a computer and accessed remotely. This allows someone to view what is being recorded by his or her webcam from a remote location, allowing such a camera to act as a surveillance system. Some security programs can even notify a person remotely when his or her computer is accessed, usually through an email or text message to the person’s phone.



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