What Are the Different Types of Platform Bedroom Sets?

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A platform bed consists of a mattress that rests on a flat platform rather than on a box spring. The platform provides enough support to keep the mattress firm and comfortable without the use of a box spring, which means the bed may be lower to the ground and the aesthetic of the bed will be sleek. Platform bedroom sets can include various pieces of furniture that have a consistent look and function. Some platform bedroom sets include nightstands that are the appropriate height to work with the bed, as well as dressers that have a similar look and function as the nightstands and bed frame.

The key component of all platform bedroom sets is the bed frame. This is the piece that will support the mattress, and the construction of the bed frame will have an impact on the comfort of the bed and the usability of the bedroom space. Some platform bedroom sets, for example, include a bed frame that features drawers for added storage. This is a good option for smaller bedrooms or rooms in which storage space is at a premium. Other platform bed frames are much simpler and feature wooden legs much like a typical bed frame that supports a box spring and mattress.


While not always the case, many platform beds are situated much lower to the ground due to the lack of a box spring. It is therefore necessary to create platform bedroom sets that include pieces that work in conjunction with each other. If the bed is lower to the ground, for example, the nightstands will need to be shorter to accommodate ease of use while a person is lying in bed. A nightstand may be shorter and wider to ensure the same amount of storage space while still lowering the height of the unit.

Aesthetics is one of the most common reasons to buy platform bedroom sets rather than individual pieces of furniture. In most cases, the individual pieces of the set will be designed consistently; in many cases, the same materials will be used for the furniture pieces and the bed platform. The tone of the wood, if wood is used, will be consistent throughout all the pieces, as will any hardware such as drawer handles. The individual pieces will almost always match in style; for example, all pieces in the set may be made in the mission style, or in the Victorian style, rather than one piece being made with the mission style in mind and another piece being made in the Victorian style.



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