What Are the Different Types of Photography Career Opportunities?

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Captured pictures are used in a wide variety of professions including journalism and marketing. Photography career opportunities are available working at news organizations and advertising firms. Modeling agencies employ professional photographers and publishers hire photographers to fill the pages of their books. Photographers can often find jobs working for a company or they can work for themselves, contracting out on a per-job basis. A career in photography can be started by attending college and beginning a portfolio to show to potential employers.

Advertising agencies can use photographers to illustrate the reasons a person should purchase their product or hire their service. Marketing photography generally requires an understanding of artistic design driven towards a particular purpose. To begin looking at photography career opportunities of this type, individuals may want to attend college and take marketing classes. Studying advertising alongside learning the skills needed to take good photos can help begin a career.

Photojournalism is another one of the photography career opportunities that can be started by attending college. Universities generally offer classes focusing on photojournalism and how to capture pictures that show an essential moment to illustrate news stories. One way to gain experience working as a photojournalist while in college is to volunteer for the school's newspaper, taking pictures at events and functions.

In order to have more photography career opportunities, some aspiring photographers train themselves to efficiently and expertly use both digital and traditional style camera. Digital cameras allow for quicker editing, more exposures, and sharper contrasts while traditional cameras have their own benefits such as unique lighting techniques. Darkroom skills and the ability to develop film can also help increase the number of available photography career opportunities.

As well as being able to proficiently use a digital camera and a variety of lenses, many photography career opportunities require the ability use to image editing software to touch-up and re-size photos. Editing software use can be self-taught through reading books and taking online courses. Experience editing photos can be gained by first practicing on the photographer's own work.

Freelance photographers support their career by contracting their services out to other individuals and businesses. The photographs may be hired on a per-photo basis, or they can be paid for a certain period of time working with a company. Newspapers, magazines, and websites can all regularly have a need for freelance photographers. Not all photographers are self-employed, however, as many still work directly for a company or agency.



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