What Are the Different Types of Personal Hygiene Supplies?

Personal hygiene supplies are used to stay healthy, clean, and groomed. There are a number of different personal hygiene products used for different purposes, from body wash and shampoo, to toothbrushes, and hand sanitizer. Most people use a number of different personal hygiene supplies throughout the day, both as part of a daily routine and as needed. It is important to teach children the importance of maintaining personal hygiene early in life so they develop good habits. If elderly people begin to lose the ability to care for themselves properly, they may be placed in a nursing care facility where personal hygiene products are purchased for them, and they are assisted with their use.

Some of the most common personal hygiene supplies are those used for daily bathing and cleansing. These include soap or body wash for cleansing the skin, as well as shampoo and perhaps conditioner for cleaning and treating the hair. Soap for washing the hands after using the restroom is also an important part of daily personal hygiene; some people will also carry small bottles of hand sanitizer with them. After bathing, most people choose to apply deodorant as well. Some will also apply moisturizing or scented lotion to wear throughout the day, but this not as common of a personal hygiene practice.

Keeping the teeth clean on a daily basis is important as well; this typically requires toothpaste, a toothbrush, and floss, at the very least. Some people also consider shaving products to be an important part of personal hygiene supplies. Many women shave their legs and armpits daily, while men will typically shave or maintain their facial hair. Some employers require facial hair to be maintained a certain way, particularly jobs in the food industry. This might require a razor and shaving cream. Keeping the hair trimmed and neatly groomed is another aspect of personal maintenance for which many people use personal hygiene supplies on a daily basis.

In addition, personal hygiene supplies also exist for specific needs, such as sanitary products for monthly menstruation. Nail clippers and nail files are required for keeping the fingernails and toenails clipped short and clean. Travel versions of many personal hygiene supplies are available for taking them to work or school, or to make them easier to take on a trip. It is important for everyone to make personal hygiene maintenance an important part of a daily habits.


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