What are the Different Types of Online Yoga Resources?

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There are many different types of online yoga resources available, from commercial needs such as mats or videos, to position guides, chat forums, and advice for daily routines. These different types of resources have made yoga workouts and exercises more accessible and convenient than ever before. Initially, yoga instruction required lessons taught to an individual or classroom by a master of yoga techniques and positions. With the advent of videocassette recorders (VCRs) in the 1980s, people could begin daily yoga instruction through videotape instead of personal lessons. As the Internet came into increased popularity, this availability went a step further as products became easily accessible and affordable for new and experienced students alike.

Originating in India and closely tied to various meditative practices of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism, yoga has seen increasing popularity in the United States for several decades. These physical and mental practices increase self-discipline, awareness, and personal relaxation, all of which have become increasingly important as the modern world has accelerated into a stressful and too often sedentary lifestyle. With the proliferation of the Internet into more and more homes, people’s interests, hobbies, and exercises became a fundamental part of most people’s use of computers and the Internet.


Online yoga resources include websites that focus on selling items that make yoga practices easier to perform. This may include mats to sit, stand, and lie on more comfortably, clothes to make stretching and positioning simpler and more comfortable, and instructional videos to help in establishing a daily regimen. There are also websites devoted to assisting independent learners who want more explanation or exposure to positions than videos may provide. Online yoga guides to various positions, with names, explanations, and illustrations or videos, can be found at numerous locations on the Internet.

There have also been an increased number of online yoga communities that allow people from all over the world to discuss yoga and talk with similarly interested individuals about various subjects relating to yoga. These can include chat rooms, bulletin boards, and discussion forums that allow people to post images of themselves while performing different poses, give reviews of different yoga videos, and help newcomers get started in the potentially intimidating exercise routines. There are even online yoga classes available, featuring recorded or streaming videos of yoga instruction by experienced teachers, accompanied by the other types of Internet features to build a community of students from all over the world.



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