What are the Different Types of Online Prescription Medication?

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It would be challenging to list all types of online prescription medication. Sometimes these are grouped into specific classes, or other times they could be considered in light of the type of online drug store that sells them. Essentially, it’s possible to get just about any medication online that a person could obtain in the pharmacy. It may be easier to get certain types of drugs, since not all online drug stores play by the rules and require prescriptions or they offer expensive doctor consults and prescribe without really knowing their patients. Still, legitimate pharmacies usually don’t have certain online prescription medicine available.

There are many legitimate pharmacies that will not fill drug orders without a prescription and avoid the sale of certain types of online prescription medication. A number of drugs that fall into the sedative, antipsychotic, or pain reliever classes may be unavailable online from these pharmacies. Incidentally, these are the drug stores most likely to be certified and recommended as safe by country regulatory agencies, and their supply of medications are usually manufactured within the country.

A number of pharmacies don’t operate in this manner and instead have people join as members. At this point, they can fill any prescription, though they might need consultation with the pharmacy doctors. Obtaining drugs likely to be abused, such as those mentioned above, may be easier.


Another route is the luxury or lifestyle pharmacy, which might carry medicines to address lifestyle issues such as prescription skin creams and drugs that treat erectile dysfunction disorder. They may not carry a full range of other drugs. Other pharmacies will carry virtually all drugs and make them accessible without a prescription. Obtaining medications from these pharmacies may be illegal, since it can be illegal to hold certain medications without possessing a prescription for them.

Specifically, in a legitimate pharmacy offering online prescription medication, people are unlikely to find, at least in the US, medications called Schedule IV controlled substances. These include all benzodiazepines (Valium®, Xanax® and etc), most painkillers like hydrocodone, oxycodone, propoxyphene, some forms of mood stabilizers, anti-seizure medications such as phenobarbital, and a few other drugs. Excluding these drugs, it would still be possible to find things like most heart medications, antibiotics, drugs to treat lifestyle conditions, and a number of meds that keep ongoing medical conditions stable. A reputable pharmacy, in other words, would have available most types of online prescription medication, but might not carry a few types that are considered more dangerous or likely to be abused.

What this might mean for the average person who wants to use an online pharmacy to save a little money is that it isn’t always possible if a goal is to use a reputable approved pharmacy. Certain medical conditions including some seizure disorders, many mental health illnesses and a variety of chronic pain conditions would mean being unable to obtain medications from a trusted source. This doesn’t mean there aren’t options. A number of bricks and mortar pharmacies are now opening online ordering, which would still require prescriptions but might mean there are more online prescription medication types available.



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