What are the Different Types of Online Insurance Companies?

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There are many different types of online insurance companies. Some online insurance companies offer health and life insurance. Property can also be insured online with car, renter's, and homeowner's insurance. Travel and liability insurance are also available through online insurance companies. Some online insurance companies will bundle insurance packages to provide the consumer with discounts and ease of use.

Health insurance coverage purchased through online insurance companies varies greatly and may cover doctor and hospital visits, prescriptions, surgery, and emergencies. Plans may also include vision and dental coverage. Life insurance can be purchased online and rates will vary depending on certain factors such as age and any pre-existing conditions. Life insurance will generally cover natural and accidental death.

The vast majority of online insurance companies provide car insurance, which may cover anything from accidental collision to emergency care and hospital bills for those injured. Renter's insurance usually protects renters from break-ins which have resulted in damage or theft of personal property, as well as damage caused by fire. Depending on the policy, renter's insurance may also provide liability coverage if someone is injured in the renter's space.


Homeowner's insurance is also provided by online insurance companies and coverage varies greatly by area. Depending on the policy, coverage may include damage to the home itself or any other permanent structure on the property. Typically, damage caused by hurricane, tornado, fire, or severe storms is covered, but flooding may not be, depending on where the home is located. In addition to the structure itself, homeowners insurance may also cover damage or loss of personal property.

Travel insurance is available online and coverage can be purchased for a wide range of travel. Travel insurance can include medical insurance and vacation insurance. Vacation insurance provides coverage for issues like lost luggage and canceled trips.

For businesses, liability coverage is very important. There are four types of liability coverage available. These include general liability, professional liability, product liability, and employment practice liability.

General liability covers any injury that an employee or customer may have on the business premises. Professional liability is for people working in the service industry and provides coverage when any claims made regarding an error in service are made. Product liability coverage is available through online insurance companies and protects businesses in case a product they manufacture causes injury or death. Employment practice coverage specifically protects an employer against claims of discrimination, sexual harassment or wrongful termination.



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