What are the Different Types of New Social Media?

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There are several different types of new social media, including social media networking sites, location-based social media, and video sharing sites. There are also private social networking sites that aim to provide users with more control over their personal data. Another type of new social media involves social networking sites that are managed by the user and held in multiple locations.

New social media sites allow individuals to interact with one another and meet new people. One of the most common types of new social media is the social networking site. There are several sites of this nature that allow a person to create a user profile and visit the profiles of other individuals. These sites allow users to send messages to each other, and to view pictures, videos, and other user-generated content.

Another entrant into the new media arena is location-based social media. There are several sites that allow users to check in from various locations. Many of these social networks are accessible via mobile phones so that users can keep track of where their friends are located. This provides an interactive element to social media that many people enjoy. This can also be a good way to meet new people who are involved in the network.


Video sharing sites are very popular in the social media world. These sites allow users to upload videos that they created. Other users on the network can view the videos and search through the available videos in the database. Many times, users are permitted to post comments about the videos and interact with others who are watching them.

One of the most popular types of new social media is the private social network. Private social networks were created to accommodate those who do not feel comfortable releasing a lot of personal information to strangers. Some social networks are known for allowing user information to get out into the open and this could potentially cause problems for the user. With private social networks, individuals can specify exactly what information is made available to other users on the network and what information should remain private.

There are other social networks that are putting a priority on allowing the users to remain in control. These networks are housed on various servers in multiple locations, which keeps the network from being controlled by a single party or company. With this type of network, users may be able to avoid being affected by changes in individual company policies.



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