What are the Different Types of Natural Weight Loss Pills?

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Losing weight is not just important for a person’s self esteem and appearance but also can make a big difference to overall health and there are several different types of natural weight loss pills on the market to help the process. Examples of natural weight loss pills include green tea, triphala and ginger. Being overweight increases the risk of certain illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. Natural weight loss pills can make losing weight easier by burning calories or increasing the body’s metabolism.

Green tea is one of the most popular natural weight loss pills. Consuming green tea pills burns a small amount of calories, which reduces the amount of exercise required to lose weight. It’s also thought that green tea increases the body’s metabolism, which in turn allows the person to burn more calories. The main side effects of green tea come from the fact that it contains caffeine although the effects are much less noticeable than a regular cup of coffee. If, however, a person is sensitive to drinks and supplements that contain caffeine green tea pills should be avoided.


Triphala is a natural weight loss pill that works differently to green tea. Instead of burning calories directly, the pill works as a laxative that helps the person to lose weight. Aloe vera is a substance that works in a similar way by aiding the body to digest food. Due to the nature of both these substances, the primary potential side effect is an increased risk of diarrhea and stomach problems.

Ginger is another type of natural weight loss pill that works by increasing the body’s metabolism. It’s also commonly used as a pill to reduce the effects of nausea because of its ability to lower acidity in the digestive system. There are few side effects of ginger as long as it’s taken at recommended levels.

Even though natural weight loss pills can make losing weight easier, this form of weight loss can only make a real difference if used in conjunction with an improved diet and increased exercise program. It has been estimated that to lose weight a person must reduce his or calorie intake by around 3,500 a week. Weight loss pills, on the other hand, can’t burn anywhere near this amount but can make it a more attainable target.

Although natural drugs and pills are often considered to be safer than man-made drugs this isn’t always the case. Certain natural weight loss pills should not be used if the person has specific conditions. As an example, many herbal supplements cannot be taken by a pregnant woman. For this reason a doctor should be consulted before any weight-loss supplements or pills are used.



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There are different types of weight loss supplements but what I like best is the appetite suppressant. I have been overeating after giving birth. Now that I have weaned my baby from breastfeeding, I wanted to make some changes with my new body as I always find myself still eating for two people.

I tried prescopodene for a month and the appetite suppression kicked in the first time I used it. It's been three months and no side effects to date, just a weight loss of 29 pounds.

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