What are the Different Types of Natural Glaucoma Treatments?

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Some natural glaucoma treatments include the use of herbs such as ginko biloba, biliberry, and jaborandi. Additionally, certain vitamins could also help to treat glaucoma. Doctors often recommend for glaucoma patients to eat more of certain foods that may be beneficial for treating glaucoma while limiting their intake of other foods that negatively affect the disorder. Eye exercises, when done regularly, are also typically considered a form of natural glaucoma treatment.

Ginko biloba may help glaucoma symptoms because it tends to improve blood circulation, which is important for people with glaucoma. This increase in circulation could help prevent fluid buildup on the eyes. Biliberry is another herb that many people use as a natural glaucoma treatment. This herb is high in antioxidants and can increase the strength of blood vessels in the eyes. Jaborandi is an herb that can be boiled and made into a tea. After allowing jaborandi to cool, it may be applied to the eyes to help relieve the symptoms of glaucoma.

There are also certain vitamins that a person with glaucoma may benefit from taking. Supplements of vitamin C, when taken daily, can take some of the pressure off the eyes that results from glaucoma. Vitamin B-12 and folic acid may help to negate the effects of glutamic acid in the eyes. This acid is commonly present in the eyes of people with glaucoma, and it generally causes many of the symptoms associated with the disorder.


People who have glaucoma might also benefit from paying special attention to what they eat each day. Certain foods can help lessen the symptoms of glaucoma, while others can make them worse. Any foods rich in the vitamins that are helpful for glaucoma, such as C and B-12, are typically recommended. It may also be a good idea for a person with glaucoma to increase the amount of foods rich in omega-3s they eat each day. Foods that typically have lots of omega-3s are many types of fish, avocados, and walnuts.

Doctors often advise glaucoma patients to do some eye exercises every day as a type of natural glaucoma treatment. These exercises may help a person's eyes to become stronger, which will likely result in an improved ability to drain off excess eye fluid. The drainage of this fluid could help to greatly alleviate glaucoma symptoms and could possibly keep the disorder from getting any worse. No eye exercises should be attempted until a person with glaucoma checks with his or her doctor. A qualified eye doctor will be able to show a glaucoma patient how to do the exercises, as well as advise the patient on how often the exercises should be performed.



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