What are the Different Types of Natural Body Butter?

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When purchasing natural body butter, it is important to make sure that what is being advertised is really what is inside the package. There are very different definitions for different types of natural body butter. Natural, all natural, and organic are a few of the popular terms. If it doesn’t say 100% natural, or organic than it may not be as healthy as one thinks.

Read the label. The first ingredient is generally the one with the highest concentration. Whether it’s water, something one can’t pronounce, or a natural ingredient, consumers can see exactly what they're paying for and therefore make a more informed choice.

Some different types of natural body butter are made from ingredients safe enough to eat. While it is not suggested that such products actually be eaten, this fact can help reassure people about putting the products on their skin. Since the skin absorbs them, it is comforting to know that they are healthy. Some different types of natural body butter are actually FDA-approved and labeled as such. Consumers should make sure they're not paying for hype instead of health.

By choosing the different types of natural body butter, one is better able to utilize ingredients that are more like those the body naturally produces. These products can help the skin retain moisture, keeping it healthier, more resilient, and younger looking. When absorbed, they may also benefit other parts of the body.


There are several properties that can make body butter beneficial, such as a variety of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, natural UV protection, and good absorption. Some may have essential oils added to create an enticing scent. Others rely on the fragrance which comes naturally from their main ingredients.

The choices in different types of natural body butter include several powerful and popular formulas from which to select, such as Shea butter, which contains vitamin A and offers some protection from the sun. Cocoa butter comes from the same bean as chocolate does and smells wonderful while it helps heal and protect skin. Body butter that includes coconut oil offers some unique benefits, such as deep penetration. This is said to mean greater healing even for skin damaged by the sun.

Jojoba’s properties are much like those of one's own skin, and work with the body to heal, create deep hydration, and make the skin more supple. Aloe vera is packed with vitamins and minerals, believed to provide nutrients to help repair and replenish skin as well as stimulate the immune system. Some body butters contain a mixture of these and other ingredients.



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