What Are the Different Types of Mobile Computing Applications?

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Mobile computing is a term that is used to describe the application of computing activities through various devices that may be easily carried by the individual as opposed to devices that are tied to a specific location. Such mobile systems still allow the individual access to a network, while giving him or her the added advantage of mobility. There are many mobile computing applications that allow people to move from one location to the other, while they are still able to access a network through such devices. These tools include cell phones and personal digital assistants (PDA) as well as other types of mobile computing applications like laptops and tablets.

One of the more common mobile computing applications is the cell phone, a device that plays so many roles at the same time. This device works as a mobile computing device, depending on the type of cell phone. Practically all smart phones are utilized for many tasks other than phone calls, including chatting, sending e-mails, and for the purpose of business communications. Some of these business communications include sending documents, checking the office computer remotely in order to access certain information, and receiving images or video as well as sending the same. Smart phones are not the only mobile computing applications, because PDAs are also mobile computing applications that are related to communication.


Another category of mobile computing applications are laptops, which come in different configurations and sizes. Depending on the requirements of the individual, the laptop might be in the form of a small netbook, or it might be a much larger sized notebook. These particular mobile computing applications can be utilized for a wide range of activities, and they also allow the individual to carry the devices on the go, while still maintaining connection through a defined or shared network.

Tablets are also mobile applications that allow the user to move around unrestricted as a consequence of the fact that he or she can perform all of the necessary applications generally done on a stationary computer on a mobile computing device. The tablet has its own unique features and attributes that separate it from the other types of mobile computing applications. All of the applications have their benefits though, and the choice of a mobile device depends on the individual.



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