What are the Different Types of Medical Products?

The medical industry is complex; it involves a lot of people, with varying qualifications, who need various types of equipment to do their jobs. This means there are numerous types of medical products. These include protective gear, medication, and surgical supplies.

Protective gear is a type of medical product important to the welfare of the medical staff and the patients. These include items such as gloves, masks, and hazardous materials disposal bins. Sick patients can infect those working in the facilities where they seek treatment, if proper care is not taken. However, it is also possible for those patients to become infected by a staff member or another patient. This risk is the primary reason many medical products found in medical facilities, such as table covers and syringes, are disposable.

If a person visits a doctor’s office, there are certain medical products that are common. These are often used to perform routine assessments before any specialized equipment or analysis is done. The first thing done in many cases is the patient’s weight is taken on a scale. Then, she may be given a special cup that she will use to provide a urine sample. Afterward, the doctor may use various medical products such as a thermometer, tongue depressor, and stethoscope to examine her basic condition.


Some conditions require more than a visit to the doctor’s office. A person may need in-patient treatment. Accommodating patients in a medical facility often requires a lot of specialized equipment. This can include electrodes that are hooked to various types of monitors. It can also include medical products that allow intravenous fluids to be administered, the lines to be secured, and the sites to be dressed.

When people seek medical treatment, they generally do so with hopes of getting better. This may not be possible without drugs. There are various types of medical products in this category. They can be items for internal use, such as capsules or intravenous fluids. They can also include items only for external use, such as ointments and creams.

Broken bones and sprains may require medication. In many cases, however, an essential part of the healing process is facilitated by medical products that help rehabilitate or stabilize the affected area. These include crutches, slings, and casts.

Sometimes improvement of a condition is only possible with surgery. Surgical procedures can be very sensitive and can be dependent on the proper medical supplies. Anesthesia may be required to prevent a person from enduring extreme pain or shock. Scalpels are also common to make incisions in various parts of the body.



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