What Are the Different Types of Meals with Sausages?

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Different types of meals with sausages can include simple grilled sausage as well as various casseroles, pasta dishes, and chilies. Dishes known as sausage braises can also be popular meal options. A wide variety of meals with sausages can be found in global cuisines. Sausage ingredients are also not limited to beef or pork, because plenty of dishes can be made with vegetarian sausage as an alternative. Methods of preparing sausage dishes depend on the other added ingredients as well as the desired flavor outcome.

Some of the most common fresh sausages are known as bratwurst. This type of sausage can be cooked on a barbeque grill, browned in a stove top skillet, or broiled in an oven. Although bratwurst is traditionally eaten with a topping of spicy mustard, it can also be added to other kinds of meals with sausages. A sausage braise can consist of bratwurst slices mixed with a flavored cream sauce and served over pasta, rice, or pieces of cooked potato. Popular ingredients to use in these sauces can include mushrooms, spinach, onions, or sun-dried tomatoes.


Italian sausages are additional favorites for meals with sausages. They are traditionally made from ground pork flavored with fennel and various other seasonings. This type of sausage can range from sweet to extra spicy depending on the addition of chilli powder or red pepper. Slices of cooked Italian sausage are frequently added to marinara sauce and served over spaghetti. Italian sausage can also add some additional flavor to hamburger patties by removing it from the casings and mixing it with equal amounts of ground beef.

Other types of meals with sausages include homemade chili. Common ingredients for this dish include vegetable or chicken stock, beans, corn, and diced onions in addition to the cook's favorite sausage. Various types of sausage, such as Italian, bratwurst, or Polish kielbasa, work well in chili recipes. Chicken sausage can also be substituted for a chili dish with lower amounts of fat.

Casseroles with sausage are often popular choices for family-style meals. These dishes frequently consist of cooked sausage pieces mixed with vegetables, such as tomatoes, carrots, and green peas. Many sausage casseroles are also topped with a layer of melted cheese, and they can be made with a range of sausage types. Some cooks prefer to stick to mild sausage flavors when making casseroles for large groups because not everyone may prefer spicy meals with sausages.



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I wish that there were more good vegetarian sausages. There are many on the market but all of them are worth skipping. They are dry, oddly textured and flavorless. Some fake meats work, but fake sausage is a poor substitute.

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I like to use ground sausage in place of ground beef in a lot of my meals. I have made some amazing hamburger helper using ground up Italian or pork sausage instead of the ground beef.

A lot of times you can find sausage on sale cheaper than ground beef or other meats. And I like the seasoning, it adds more flavor to any meal.

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Lots of people have had beanie weenies before. They think of them as kids food and probably haven't eaten them since they were 10. But my wife makes what I like to consider gourmet beanie weenies. They have two kinds of beans and three different kinds of sausages. The sauce is sweet but also smoky and spicy. They are delicious.

She uses Italian sausage, chorizo sausage and also ground pork sausage. It comes out like a think chili. It is amazing in the winter months and it fills you up for hours. My wife is a pretty great cook across the board but this is probably my favorite dish that she makes.

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