What Are the Different Types of Marketing Promotional Items?

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Marketing promotional items are small objects and gifts that can be given out for free by companies to prospects and clients at trade shows, meetings and events. The purpose of handing out these items is so that consumers can leave with something that has the company's name and logo printed on it. There are literally hundreds of types of marketing promotional items. Two typically effective items are umbrellas and gift bags or tote bags. Pens are a popular and inexpensive item, but might not always provide the best return on investment.

Umbrellas might not be the first thing that a company thinks about handing out at an event, but these items can make fantastic giveaways. A promotional item such as an umbrella is something that can be useful to almost anyone in any industry. When a person uses a company's logo umbrella, the object works as a walking billboard for every person that the umbrella holder passes. Bright colors work best for promotional umbrellas because they will stand out in a sea of black umbrellas.


A company looking for marketing promotional items to give away at a trade show might consider some type of bag. At a trade show, attendees will acquire many small objects from other booths, possibly including things such as nail files, key chains and magnets. People will need something to hold all of their items in, and that is where a branded plastic bag will come in handy. Plastic bags are very inexpensive, and a company's logo will be in motion all around the trade show. Tote bags also are effective because they can be reused more frequently after the trade show is over, but it is important for marketers to keep in mind that they are more expensive.

Pens might be one of the most classic marketing promotional items. Companies seem to purchase pens for this purpose because they are practical and cheap. Although the low cost of pens is a plus, they really do not do companies much good in terms of advertising. Pens are very likely to break or wind up in the garbage. Even high-end, durable pens typically will be used by only one person, so they will not provide the large-scale advertising effect that some other promotional items do.



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