What Are the Different Types of Marketing Degree Requirements?

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Marketing degree requirements often depend, to some extent, upon the particular school a person attends and the level of education he or she is completing. Someone in a bachelor’s degree program, for example, typically has to complete a certain number of courses in general studies as well as classes that focus on business and marketing. Schools may also have some secondary marketing degree requirements, such as the completion of a number of elective classes and demonstration of certain basic competencies. Someone interested in receiving a higher level degree, such as a master’s degree, usually has to complete more specialized courses and finish some type of final project.

Although schools typically set the marketing degree requirements for their students, many common guidelines are followed for colleges or universities that are accredited. For someone to receive an undergraduate or bachelor’s degree, for example, then he or she typically has to complete a number of general studies courses. These classes often focus on basic aspects of what is considered a well-rounded education, such as language, mathematics, and science.


Once these courses are complete, then additional marketing degree requirements often focus on classes more specifically involved in business and marketing. This typically includes introductory business classes that students focusing on a number of different degrees might attend as a requirement. Classes that are more succinctly targeted for students majoring in marketing or advertising can also be part of a college’s marketing degree requirements, though these are often taken in the last year or so of a student’s curriculum.

Marketing degree requirements can also include elective classes and demonstration of basic competencies. Elective classes are typically required of students, so that they can pursue secondary interests and expand their education while they complete their degree. Many schools also require that students complete a basic communications class and a writing class prior to graduation, which are commonly attended while the student is in his or her first year.

There are often different marketing degree requirements for students pursuing a post-graduate degree, such as a master’s degree or a doctorate. The curriculum for this type of degree is usually much more focused on a specific area of study, and frequently includes more classes regarding marketing and advertising. These colleges often require that students complete a major final assignment to receive their degree, such as a written thesis or dissertation that has to be researched and presented. Some schools can also require the creation of a thorough and executable business plan that demonstrates their mastery of different marketing concepts, either in addition to or in place of a thesis.



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