What are the Different Types of Lattice Fences?

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A lattice fence is a decorative fence designed to accent a home or building. These fences are made from many types of material and available in custom sizes. Lattice fences are most often found in wood or vinyl. The fence is designed with strips of material overlapping each other in a weave. It is typically painted white or can be stained to the homeowner’s preference.

The first step to selecting lattice fences is determining the goal and overall appearance of the fence. If the homeowner wants complete privacy, he should select a large privacy fence. If he wants a decorative non-privacy fence, he should look at a picket design lattice fence. Both fence types create an elegant look, but each has a different purpose and presentation style.

There are many types of lattice fences available. These designs include many patterns and color combinations. Some include full lattice weaves throughout the fence, while others only have a lattice design at the top area.

Lattice fences made from wood require periodic staining and maintenance. Most outdoor wood material will warp and rot over time if not properly maintained with stain and annual cleaning. Before selecting a fence, it is important to determine the amount of time available for cleaning and maintenance.


A vinyl lattice fence is made from plastic vinyl material. This material is painted when it is manufactured and typically requires very little maintenance. The vinyl-type lattice fences are more expensive than wood because they last longer and are easy to clean. These fences can be cleaned with soap and water and handle the elements better then wood.

A lattice fence made from wood should be stained or painted. This option is one of the benefits of this type of material because the fence can be painted to the owner’s preference. When selecting a wood lattice fence, it is best to ensure it is made from pressure-treated lumber. This will provide better longevity of the wood material.

Many homes have lattice panels under decks and porches. These panels give the home an elegant, professional, finished look. These panels are typically white or stained the same color as the deck. Each panel is connected to the wood of the porch or deck with small finishing nails. The panels require custom cutting to fit the open space under the deck.



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