What are the Different Types of Knee Treatment?

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The knees are the easiest joint to injure because they must lift more weight than any other joint on the human body. There are many causes for knee pain and injury, and therefore, many different types of knee treatment. The type of treatment that is needed will depend on the type of injury or discomfort. All problems associated with knee pain should be diagnosed by a physician.

Most commonly, knee pain is associated with exercising after a long period of inactivity or for periods of time longer than recommended. This is commonly referred to “overuse” pain, and it is generally treated with mild pain medication and rest. Knees should be allowed to heal before activity is resumed by elevating them and keeping pressure off the area. Failure to rest the area for a long enough period of time may result in repeat injury or a more severe injury that must be treated by a doctor.

Contact sports or activities which require running with sudden twists, stops, and turns often result in acute knee injuries. Different types of knee treatment in these cases generally include keeping the knee free from added pressure. Many times the area will be wrapped and pain medications will be used to help alleviate symptoms. In most situations, it is advised that patients do not resume physical activity until the knee has fully healed.


Osteoarthritis is another common knee condition which causes the cartilage in the knee to break down. There is no known cure, but exercise and maintaining a proper diet rich in calcium and vitamin D may help to slow down bone loss. Medications may also be available to slow the loss of bone density, as well as to alleviate pain. Prescription medications are the most common types of knee treatment for severe cases.

Surgery is generally used as last resort for knee injuries and pain. Different types of knee treatment options are used first, and different combinations may be tried before surgery is used as a potential treatment. Serious sports injuries may result in surgery, as well as those with chronic and progressed osteoarthritis. The condition usually has to be bad enough to greatly hinder a patient’s mobility and quality of life before an operation is considered.

Of all the different types of knee treatment, the most common ones include wrapping the area with a bandage and keeping weight off the area. Although all joints are relatively susceptible to injury, the knees are generally resilient and are able to heal naturally in most conditions. Pain medication may be needed, but an over the counter variety is often all that is required.



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