What are the Different Types of Kitchen Floors?

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The types of kitchen floors installed today are endless because of the wide variety of flooring materials and colors available. The best kitchen floor choice depends on the homeowner's preference, budget and lifestyle. Some flooring types stand up to heavy traffic better than others. Material used for kitchen floors may be easy to clean and maintain or they may need a lot of care. Vinyl, linoleum, stone, laminate, wood and ceramic tile are some of the most popular types of kitchen floor materials.

Ceramic flooring often increases the value of a home because it's a desirable type of tile floor for many home buyers. Ceramic tile is considered to be very attractive and durable. A glazed ceramic floor is hygienic and easy to keep clean, so it can be an ideal flooring choice for kitchens. Although ceramic flooring is available in many different colors, neutrals give homes more versatility as they coordinate well with many color schemes and decor styles.

Like ceramics, wood kitchen floors are desired by home buyers for their beauty and durability. Quality hardwood floors can also add a feeling of elegance and warmth to a kitchen. For example, rich cherry wood flooring can be the perfect, elegant compliment to kitchen cabinets in the same wood. Laminate kitchen flooring isn't as elegant as real wood, but it's a tough-wearing material that's ideal for pets and heavy foot traffic. Laminate flooring uses photographs of wood and is coated with a strong, clear finish.

Stone kitchen floors are beautiful and a good flooring choice for low traffic kitchens. Natural stone such as marble and granite tend to stain easily, so they do require careful attention and maintenance. Slate floors tend to resist stains better than many other types of stone. Travertine is a popular stone floor choice for kitchens, as its porous texture is interesting and attractive. Travertine flooring is available in rich neutral colors from light cream to dark brown.

Linoleum is a classic kitchen floor choice known for its vivid colors and subtle textures. Linoleum flooring is usually quite easy to keep clean. Some vinyl kitchen floors with textured grooves or indentations as part of the design are not so easy to clean as dirt tends to lodge in the crevices. Other types of vinyl flooring, such as those with smooth finishes and what is called an enhanced urethane coating, are stain-resistant and made to be swept and mopped rather than washed frequently.


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