What Are the Different Types of International Trade Software?

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There are several different types of international trade software, which come in a wide array of configurations. This is because the field is diverse, with participants such as carriers, brokers, and importers. It is also due to the need to accommodate varying needs and regulations of different industries, products, and countries. There are programs that cover single aspects, such as filling out forms, and there are also full software suites which cover every aspect of the trade process, from import and export to finance and inventory.

Two of the most common types of international trade software are import and export programs. This kind of software typically walks the user through all the steps necessary to prepare a shipment for international delivery or to accept an incoming delivery. The programs are primarily tools for completing forms quickly and accurately. Many products link to online resources so that they can download current information about rules and regulations related to trade.

Some companies may use software that is tailored to manage the requirements of specific nations. These products are typically integrated into the export-import software. It can increase the flexibility of a system, as the user may decide to add or remove modules for different zones.


There is also international trade software that is programmed to help users keep track of inventory. These programs can be stand alone or part of a suite of software. Overall, they are not usually specifically geared to international trade and can be used for any kind of inventory management.

An international trade software suite may also have an integrated accounting application. While a trader may use a separate financial program, using a product that is part of a suite of software can streamline and increase the efficiency of the process. Some suites also offer add-ons for their accounting applications, so that the program can be customized for the specific needs of the user.

Some companies exist that offer specialized international trade software programs. These kinds of products are typically geared towards a specific product type or industry. They can be custom made, though some companies will also offer a specialized product to the general public.

There are also software programs that aid in the process of trading international stock. These can be less complex, as there is no inventory, shipment or other requirements of a physical product to manage. Many of the programs available for international stock trade are available for download online. They are often offered as an option alongside software for domestic stock trade.



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