What Are the Different Types of International BPO Jobs?

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The many different types of services provided by an international business process outsourcing (BPO) company creates a number of different international BPO jobs. The services provided to businesses are usually divided between back office services, those services designed to make the company itself run more smoothly, and front office services, those services aimed at customer relations. People can have international BPO jobs in either of these sections, or within the BPO company itself as managers, service providers, or company heads.

Some of the more common back office services including legal advisement, financial management, human resources, and oversight of business operations. Skilled workers can obtain international BPO jobs as accountants, attorneys, or logistics analysts, among many other positions. Less experienced workers may be able to find back office jobs in data entry, payroll, billing, or paralegal positions. In some BPO companies, other types of professionals, such as doctors, nurses, or scientists may also be employed. Many international BPO companies are large enough that a person employed in a back office position will work on the same types of projects each day, such as data entry or payroll processing, though the work will be done for a number of different client businesses at once.


There are also many front office international BPO jobs available. These jobs require contact with a client's customer base. People who hold front office BPO positions often work in call centers in customer service, new client relations, or billing positions. Many of these jobs do not require extensive training, though they do require a good understanding of the language spoken by the client's country. Many international BPO countries are located many time zones away from the client as well, which means that international BPO jobs in front office positions may require nighttime hours that correspond to normal business hours in the client's country.

In addition to the international BPO jobs aimed at providing services to the client companies, there are also many jobs within these companies, which can themselves grow to be quite large. The company will likely have an owner and a number of supervising staff members that take responsibility for each department within the company. It will also likely process its own payroll and accounting, which may be done separately from these same tasks that have been outsourced from a foreign company. Larger BPO companies may also employ their own lawyers, logistics personnel, and other specialized staff members.



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