What Are the Different Types of Industrial Design Management?

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Industrial design management represents a manner in which a company develops a process for completing certain tasks. A few of the more common types of industrial design management include product, brand, and business designs. A company may use one or more in order to create a company that is able to complete tasks in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Companies can also develop these designs internally using their own processes or simply copy a successful company’s process. In some cases, it may take some time to find and develop the most successful process possible.

Product industrial design management centers on how a company specifically produces a good or service sold to consumers. The most important parts of the design may be on the gathering and distributing of raw materials, hiring of the workforce necessary to produce goods, and engaging in quality control checks that relate to products. While minor parts of the design management model may also be found here, the overall focus is on products and their production. Changes or alterations to any part of the design management model occur when the change improves product design or development. A company with multiple product lines may engage in many different activities in order to strengthen their overall management processes.


Brand industrial design management is much larger than the company itself in terms or product design or physical locations. A brand extends all through a market and represents the business to consumers at all times. Industrial design management here focuses on how a company can improve its brand and benefit the company by placing positive images in the minds of consumers. In short, this management design model is meant to affect the company’s brand equity outside of products and locations where services occur. Brand industrial design management may be most important to companies that have many different locations in several markets, both domestic and international.

Business industrial design management focuses on the entire company as a whole with the purpose often meant to create a lean and effective business. All parts of the company are under the design management process. Each department or activity must be held accountable for its actions, both good and bad. When a company needs to improve its business operations, a design management team may look into methods by which to make improvements. Any changes most likely improve the entire company through internal policies or control alterations.



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