What are the Different Types of Immigration Employment?

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There are many different jobs related to immigration. Some of the more common types of immigration employment could be working for border patrol or immigration agencies, both of which are usually government controlled. Other immigration employment may be found in the field of immigration law or social services designed for new immigrants.

Requirements for border patrol agencies may be quite different depending on the country, but the job generally involves making sure that people coming into the country are doing so in a legal manner. Most countries have checkpoints for entry by automobile, where border patrol agents check the paperwork of incoming travelers. They may also look for items being smuggled into the country, such as illegal drugs or weapons.

Border patrol agents are typically considered law enforcement officers and often must undergo strenuous physical training. In addition, agents are usually expected to master the use of firearms and other weapons. Border enforcement can also require learning to use sophisticated electronic equipment to monitor unguarded stretches of border. Salaries for border patrol agents vary, depending on the country. In the United States, the average yearly salary for a border patrol agent is around $55,000 US dollars (USD) per year.


Immigration attorneys typically represent those who are petitioning to enter a country or those who have already entered a country illegally. In many cases, their work is related to finding ways for their clients to remain in the country. Immigration usually requires extensive paperwork, some of which can be expedited with the use of an attorney experienced in immigration law. For illegal immigrants, an immigration attorney may be able to delay or stop deportation.

Another area for immigration employment is working within a government immigration bureau. There are many different types of work within these bureaus, including processing work visas, issuing passports, and performing background checks on individuals who wish to immigrate. People interested in working within this field should considered learning a second language, as bilingual applicants often have better success in obtaining this type of immigration employment.

In some cases, people who immigrate to a new country may want to apply for citizenship. Most immigration bureaus have divisions that handle these applications. The process is often very involved and may take years to complete. Those seeking citizenship may be assigned caseworkers whose job is to help expedite the process. This type of immigration employment may require some knowledge of immigration law and a background in social services.



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