What are the Different Types of Identity Theft Protection Services?

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Identity theft is a big concern today. The advent of increased communication over the Internet has made it more likely that someone at some time will attempt to secure personal information that can be used without your knowledge. A number of different types of identity theft protection services have been developed in recent years, with many of the providers of these services offering protection packages that encompass a wide range of protection strategies.

One of the more common examples of identity theft protection services has to do with preventing unauthorized individuals from securing and using your credit card information. This is often managed with what is known as credit monitoring services. This type of identity theft protection services works by monitoring your credit card usage for any activity that looks out of character for you. For example, if you never post a transaction late at night and a transaction comes through at midnight, there is a good chance that the monitoring service at the credit card company will notice the unusual activity, and take steps to contact you about the transaction.

In a similar manner, some identify theft protection services monitor activity on your credit reports for any signs of new accounts opened in your name, or any other activity that seems to be unusual. These are often known as fraud alerts. Often, monitoring of this type can prevent someone from using your good credit to make a purchase at some distant location, since the service will note the transaction, then contact you for verification that the purchase is indeed authorized. The entire process of flagging the attempted purchase, contacting you, and responding to the vendor in the event that the activity is fraudulent can be managed in a matter of minutes.

Identity protection services are offered by many banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions. Often, these services are offered free of charge or for a small fee to clients. It is also possible to establish a contract with an independent provider of identity theft protection services. The scope of the protection offered with each of these options will vary. For this reason, it is important to make sure you understand what types of protection are included in the terms of the contract, as well as what actions the provider will take on your behalf. At present, many consumers remain unconvinced that engaging an independent provider of identity theft protection services is worth the cost. However, some consumers attest to the effectiveness of these services, and point to situations where those providers have saved clients from a great deal of financial problems that would have resulted from unauthorized use of personal and financial data.


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