What Are the Different Types of Ice Cream Coolers?

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Different forms of ice cream coolers or freezers are often designed to fulfill a particular purpose or for the setting in which they are to be used. Dipping freezers, for example are designed to display different flavors of ice cream, and to allow employee access to scoop out servings for customers. There are also glass-top freezers with sliding doors that can hold packaged treats, like wrapped ice cream sandwiches, which can be opened for easy customer access. Mobile carts and similar types of ice cream coolers can also be used for portable options and to set up hygienic sales locations outdoors.

Most ice cream coolers are designed for a particular application or use in a certain retail environment. One of the most common types is a dipping freezer, which is often used in shops that sell servings of ice cream directly to customers. These ice cream coolers are usually fairly long and contain housings for multiple large containers of ice cream. Glass windows allow customers to look down into the cooler to see the various flavors available to them. Employees can reach down into these containers to scoop up servings of ice cream for customers.


There are also fully enclosed freezers for use as ice cream coolers, often including glass windows or doors that can be opened for customer access to the products within. Freezer chests, for example, can be located in a position in a store that is easily reached by customers, who can look through a glass surface to see the products within. These are typically wrapped ice cream treats intended for individual sale, often to customers who want to make their own product choices. There are also standing display ice cream coolers that typically have a sliding or swinging door, which customers can open to make their selections for purchase.

A number of ice cream coolers are designed as portable solutions for people who wish to set up an outdoor vendor location. Mobile carts, for example, typically include cooling plates that can keep ice cream cold for many hours. They have wheels that allow them to be easily pushed from one place to another. There are also more stationary outdoor ice cream coolers, which are designed like indoor dipping freezers, but are fully enclosed and powered for outdoor use. These stations can be ideal for a vendor who wishes to remain in one location, such as at a zoo or amusement park, but who wants to provide more options than a simple mobile cart.



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