What Are the Different Types of Human Resources Practices?

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Human resources practices are a number of different business activities that relate to hiring employees and maintaining their personal information. A few specific positions cover a number of activities relating to human resource management. These positions include the director of human resources, placement managers, and recruitment specialists. Large organizations may have other positions, such as clerks or payroll specialists, for handling various payroll accounting items. The goal of human resources practices is often to attract, motivate, and retain individuals that best meet the company’s mission and need for skilled workers.

The director of human resources often oversees a company’s entire human resources department. The individual is responsible for reviewing and meeting government regulations while reviewing information for the use by upper management. Most companies have a human resource department, which gives way to a director governing the business’s human resources practices. Employee regulations are often extremely prevalent in most economies and may require a single point person to review and implement the necessary business practices. The human resources director also hires individuals for his or her own department.


Placement managers supervise a company’s overall hiring process for new employees. Large organizations typically have this position, but smaller businesses may make these human resources practices part of the director’s job. A placement manager works on activities that relate to recruiting, hiring, and selecting individual employees for each open position in various departments. This position may also work with various operational managers who will request new employees at different times. The two managers work on strategies or hiring new employees through attractive job ads and competitive wages.

Recruitment specialists are another position that works on specific human resources practices. This position typically handles any activity related to going out into the available workforce and enticing individuals to work for the company. They may hold job fairs at hotels and colleges in order to find new talent. Through extensive travel, recruitment specialists focus on finding the best person available for any given position. Brief job descriptions and interviews may occur, with individuals who pass these tests moving on to more formal interviews.

Internal human resources practices involve copious paperwork for new employees. New employee packets contain all sorts of required documents an individual must fill out prior to actually being hired. Insurance, direct deposit, benefits, safety regulations, and other forms are all present here. Other activities can include the processing of payroll checks and review of time cards for any issues or problems. Ad hoc activities may also exist in the human resources office.



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