What Are the Different Types of Hotel Career Opportunities?

The different types of hotel career opportunities involve various skill and job levels as well as an assortment of guest service locations. Careers within hotels can be had in a variety of surroundings, from budget to luxury accommodations and super-sized to small bed and breakfast establishments. Hotel career opportunities also differ in the amount of guest interaction required.

Front desk careers typically have the most contact with hotel guests as well as the general public requesting room rates and other information. Hotel desk clerks receive guests by checking them in when they arrive as well as update the status of their rooms when they leave. During guest stays, the staff at the desk may offer recommendations for tourist attractions to see or answer other questions about the city's or hotel's amenities. Front desk hotel career opportunities often include interacting with other hotel staff such as relaying room service orders to the kitchen. Communicating through the telephone and computer when taking reservations are main duties of most hotel desk staff.

Hotel kitchen career opportunities include dining room managers, chefs, food preparation staff and servers. Servers and managers interact with the public, while chefs and their preparation assistants work in the hotel kitchen. Larger hotels may have a variety of restaurants from cafes to internationally acclaimed dining venues. Bed and breakfasts may have only the owner as the chef or there may also be some full- or part-time kitchen staff as well.


Housekeeping hotel opportunities include keeping guest rooms cleaned and maintained. The position of head housekeeper oversees the other cleaning staff members. Housekeeping staff must provide services that don't inconvenience guests and the rooms must be clean and ready according to each hotel's check-in time. Housekeeping types of hotel career opportunities may be part time or full time.

Entertainment careers in hotels may involve working at a casino if the hotel has one. There are also more technical-based hotel career opportunities such as maintaining lighting or security features. Spa and pool personnel are other common career areas. They not only include maintenance but personnel involved in health services such as massage or teaching exercise classes.

Training types of hotel career opportunities may be available in different areas. Supervisors and managers are responsible for training and coaching staff to meet the particular hotel's objectives. Hotel managers may require years of experience in different roles and/or a degree in hospitality management. Hotel management career opportunities often require the ability to use strategy in planning and implementing ideas for providing the best guest services possible.



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I worked in the maintenance department at a hotel. The hotel was large and I stayed busy, but the pay was okay, and even better when I worked overtime, which was always available.

The manager gave me an opportunity to work a couple shifts at the front desk. I couldn't believe how hectic it was there. You need to be a people person as well as fast on your feet in that position. I couldn't get the hang of handling irate customers, and there were usually a couple of them during each shift.

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A career in the hotel industry was never part of my life plan, but somehow I managed to spend several years working in various positions at hotels before I started my planned career. Though I never wanted to make a career of this work, I enjoyed learning the many facets of the business.

I worked in housekeeping, guest services, auditing, food services and gardening. Basically, I have filled in where needed, and each position has its pros and cons.

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