What are the Different Types of Home Fencing?

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Homeowners usually choose home fencing based on their budget, cosmetic appeal, and functionality. There are many different types of home fencing to choose from, but some of the most commonly used are wood slat, chain link, and wrought iron. In addition, vinyl fencing is now available in many different styles and colors, and in most cases, is quite affordable. It is usually constructed to look like painted wood, and comes in the same style choices as most wood fencing. Vinyl fencing has the added bonus of being easily cleaned by spray washing.

Wood home fencing is considered an excellent choice because it comes in so many different styles and sizes, and can easily be painted or stained. Common types of wood fencing include privacy, picket, and split rail. Wood is an especially good choice if privacy is an issue. Privacy fencing is made of wood slats that completely cover the frame, so that the interior yard is invisible from the outside. It is also a very good choice for keeping children and pets in a safe enclosure.


Chain link home fencing may not be the most attractive of fence materials, but it is considered quite functional, and will typically outlast most wood fences. Chain link fencing is usually made from galvanized steel wire, which is wire that has been treated so that it will not easily rust. The wire interlocks form what is referred to as “fence fabric, which is stretched and attached to steel rods to keep it taut. Chain link fencing is a good choice for homeowners who have large dogs that could pose a threat to the neighborhood. It is usually available in a wide variety of heights and strengths.

Another very strong and durable type of home fencing is iron fencing. Iron fencing can be very decorative, and sometimes features intricate scroll work and speared end caps. Iron fencing is often made of wrought iron, and is usually black, however, special rust-resistant paint can be used to change the color. Iron fencing creates a very gothic and Victorian atmosphere, and is both beautiful and durable. It is one of the most expensive types of home fencing, and for this reason, homeowners often use it as a facade, or for gates and entryways.

Sometimes homeowners fence their yard or garden strictly for cosmetic purposes, but in many cases, the fence is erected to dissuade uninvited people or animals from wandering onto the property. Home fencing is also an excellent means of keeping small children and pets enclosed to help reduce the danger of them wandering into the street. People who choose fencing for either of these two purposes often choose functionality over cosmetics.



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