What are the Different Types of Holistic Treatment?

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Holistic treatment generally is treatment that focuses on the entire being of a person instead of on a particular body part or condition. This means that factors such as mental and emotional health also must be considered when treating a physical condition. There are different types of holistic treatment such as journaling, homeopathy, and light therapy. In many cases, several different types of holistic treatment are used together to create a healing regimen.

Journaling is a therapeutic activity that can be used to help treat any number of mental and emotional conditions. While it sounds rather simple and could therefore be disregarded as ineffective, it often is quite difficult for people who attempt it. Many people are inhibited by documenting their thoughts due to reasons such as fear of having their secrets revealed or going blank when they attempt to write. When people can successfully open up and write in a stream of consciousness form, many find substantial benefits in doing so.

Light therapy, sometimes called phototherapy, is another of the different types of holistic treatment that can be used to combat mental disorders such as depression. This option involves using an artificial light source to subject a person to imitation daylight. It is believed that for most people, well-being is positively affected by light and warmth. Light therapy is believed to incite biochemical changes in the brain that therefore positively can affect the mental condition of a person.


Color therapy, sometimes called chromotherapy, also uses light. The light, however, is used to make color an effective treatment tool. Homeopaths tend to believe that people are sensitive to color. Blue, for example, often is used for spiritual energy, while orange is believed to regulate circulation and metabolism. According to this line of belief, subjecting the body or an ailing part of the body to certain colors enables energy imbalances to be corrected, thereby promoting healing.

Homeopathy is a Greek word for similar suffering. Treatment options usually involve using the cause of a problem as the cure. This is similar to the way in which a vaccine can be made from a virus. With homeopathy, a substance that may cause a problem is administered at a dosage that will trigger the body to use natural defense mechanisms to heal itself or correct the problem.

There are several different types of holistic treatment that employ yoga. For example, Jnana yoga is an option that often is recommended for intellectual people. It explores identity and self-presence. Hatha yoga, another option, focuses on breathing techniques and postures. The yoga treatments can be used for a range of physical problems, fitness needs, or stress.



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