What are the Different Types of Herpes Remedies?

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There are a number of different herpes remedies or medications, but these need to be understood for what they can accomplish. Neither oral nor genital herpes can be cured, and any product offering such a cure is likely a waste of money. There are medications, ointments, and supplements that might help with pain and discomfort, reducing days virus outbreak is present, or helping to reduce number of outbreaks per year. These are the herpes remedies that do work or that may be useful, and they can be broken into several classes.

One set of herpes remedies are medications like acyclovir, which are prescribed by a doctor, often when an initial outbreak occurs. Commonly taken orally, such medications may help reduce outbreak days and lower number of outbreaks a person gets. Sometimes these also come in topical forms and are applied directly on the outbreak site. Acyclovir and other meds are probably the most useful of the herpes remedies, though eventually people discontinue using them, especially as outbreak frequency declines.

Oral or genital herpes can be itchy and uncomfortable, and additional medicines might be thought of as herpes remedies. Over the counter pain meds could be suggested if pain is occurring, or there are over the counter anti-itch creams that may be of use. Determine with a doctor which creams are most appropriate, since not all are.


People may also turn to some home remedies to reduce itching, especially of genital herpes. These could include quick oatmeal or cornstarch soaks, or a sitz bath. While trying these can be a good idea, it’s important to make certain that proper hygiene is maintained. Any towels used should be washed right away, and vigorous hand washing should follow any touching of the genitals.

Another group of herpes remedies are supplements designed to strengthen the immune system. These may have a variety of ingredients. Common ones are echinacea, zinc, vitamin C, B vitamins, and others.

Some people swear by these products and others don’t find them very useful. From scientific study, greater immunity tends to belong to those people who get eight hours of sleep a night, who don’t have a lot a stress, and who perhaps have a genetic predisposition toward being healthier. It’s not that a supplement is a bad idea, provided it doesn’t contain questionable ingredients, it’s simply that anything branded as a herpes remedy is likely to be relatively expensive and may not work.

Ultimately, with no cure to herpes, the best thing for most people is to live healthfully, and if needed use prescribed medications to prevent outbreaks. As many people live with this disease for longer time periods, they may require fewer and fewer interventions. Outbreaks occur with decreasing frequency as time goes on, and most people are more in search of remedies in the early years of having this illness.



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