What Are the Different Types of Hedge Fund Positions?

Hedge fund positions that are available for people who want to work in the financial industry include those of accountant, research analyst, investment analyst, algorithmic engineers, hedge fund managers and administrators. These positions require a certain expertise. There also are jobs within general corporate departments, such as human resources or information technology, that allow people who don't have financial backgrounds to gain hedge fund positions.

There are various types of analyst positions within hedge funds. A junior investment analyst assists hedge fund managers by analyzing performance data and doing quantitative studies on investment funds. He or she might also evaluate investment managers outside of the fund.

A senior hedge fund analyst might be on the firm's investment committee and might report directly to a chief officer within the firm. This type of position often requires extensive financial expertise, including expert knowledge of things such as derivatives. It also typically requires at least a master's degree and years of experience in the financial industry.

There also are highly technical and specialized analysts’ jobs that require expertise in very narrow areas. One example might be an equity derivatives quantitative analyst. This mid-level job typically requires at least a master's degree in mathematics and experience in quantitative analysis, finance, equity derivatives and proprietary trading systems. Computer programming skills might also be required. Other hedge fund positions are available for analysts who focus on certain markets, such as developing markets or those in certain parts of the world.

Within the ranks of hedge fund analysts, there is a high degree of specialization within each niche. It is not enough to have a focus on developing markets. An example of the degree of specialization hedge funds are likely to recruit for would resemble a job posting for a ''specialist in agricultural development in developing markets in South-East Asia''.

With the right mix of qualifications and persistence, it is possible to enter the world of hedge funds and the attendant pay packages. The job seeker need only know what position they want, and build a list of skills and experience showing the potential employer they are able to deliver.

Hedge fund positions such as those of an accountant or administrator are similar to those found in other corporate fields. An accountant for a hedge fund is not much different from an accountant for other types of firms, although he or she might need to have an understanding of certain financial areas particular to hedge funds. Administrator positions might be filled by someone who has vast experience at a hedge fund or who has shown superior management skills in another industry.


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