What Are the Different Types of Heavy Equipment Software?

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Heavy equipment software can manage a wide array of tasks. These include scheduling equipment maintenance, estimating the profitability of equipment, and determining how much to charge to jobs for its use. Some programs also calculate equipment depreciation. There are programs that cover many or only one or two of these functions. Heavy equipment software is also available for manufacturers of the equipment for analyzing various issues before and after products go to market.

Some kinds of heavy equipment software help to manage the maintenance and repair process. These programs track the details of every piece of equipment an organization owns. This includes details such as parts, fuel usage, and overall efficiency. Some programs are able to determine when a piece of equipment should be serviced based on things such as frequency and intensity of use or amount of wear on pieces such as blades or other accessories. This kind of program may also be able to estimate how long the equipment should last.

Another feature of some kinds of heavy equipment software is the ability to track administrative details attached to equipment use. This includes things such as purchase orders, work orders, and warranty tracking. There can also be features for keeping track of inventory. Many programs track repairs for each machine as well.


Some programs help users to determine the value of equipment. This includes determining such things as cost effectiveness, depreciation, and current value. The last element can help a contractor to determine the value of equipment use as it applies to a specific job.

Heavy equipment software for manufacturers can help to determine issues such as quality control and how long to make warranties. It can track the number and type of repairs for each product, thus enabling stronger products in the future and better troubleshooting in the present. These tools can also help a manufacturer to decide upon a reasonable time span for each product’s warranty by providing information about normal wear and tear.

Software for heavy equipment manufacturers may also have tools for determining basic information about products such as pricing. By maintaining a database of past and present product data, it can be easier to determine value. There are also automated processes which can provide information on current market value, trend forecasts, and profitability. They can provide analytical tools which may help companies that are trying to deal with low margins.



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