What Are the Different Types of Health Industry Jobs?

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The healthcare industry has many growing and promising careers for job-seekers, including careers as nurses, doctors, healthcare administrators, lab technicians or paramedics. There are also health industry jobs available for those who wish to be a therapist, nutritionist, health aid, or medical transcriptionist. The healthcare industry provides many opportunities for people from various different levels of education and different degree programs to work in the medical field. Experience is highly valued, and there are many opportunities for students and lower-level professionals to gain qualifications by volunteering or completing work-study programs.

General care practitioners, surgeons, researchers, therapists, and pharmacists are health industry jobs. These positions demand high level training, usually requiring at least a master’s degree. Physicians will need a doctor of medicine degree and a must obtain board certification to practice.

Paramedics must attend training and complete an exam to become certified. These professionals are sent to the location of individuals who need immediate medical assistance. He or she must be able to asses and determine the patient’s needs quickly and accurately in order to administer medication and provide emergency procedures if needed.

Health industry jobs in the medical transcriptionist and licensed practical nurse field do not require a university-level degree, but he or she must complete some type of training prior to holding a position. There are year-long programs for nurses at vocational schools. These programs prepare the person to take a licensure test.


Lab technician positions are available in medical and dental offices. Two year or four year degrees are usually required to work as a medical lab technician. Some positions require only that the person have a high school diploma and pass a certification exam. Workers in this industry prepare and test blood, urine and other fluids for diseases and conditions.

Physical and occupational therapy positions also qualify as health industry jobs. This profession requires people to work closely with patients recovering from an injury, stroke, or surgery that has caused damage to a functioning part of the body. High level educational requirements and training standards must be met to apply for a job in this field.

Health industry jobs also include allergists, natural health practitioners, and chiropractors. These professionals use natural substances, such as herbs and minerals, and holistic practices to heal and decrease the severity of a patient’s symptoms. Job-seekers and those interested in the health industry should speak with an informed college campus job counselor or could arrange a time to speak with or job shadow a person who currently works in the field.



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