What Are the Different Types of Government Jobs Overseas?

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The many different types of government jobs overseas allow citizens to serve their country while exploring an exciting new location. Jobs are often available through many different government agencies, allowing a wide range of opportunities for those who meet the required prerequisites. Some of the most common types of government jobs overseas include military base positions, jobs in public health, and diplomatic positions. Administration and accounting personnel may also be able to find government jobs overseas with many different agencies.

Before beginning an international career, it is important to note that not all government jobs overseas are open to all candidates. Some require an existing affiliation with a particular agency; for instance, many defense positions are only available to current or retired military personnel. Even jobs that are open to all citizens may give preference to applicants who have worked in the government previously. When searching for federal government jobs overseas, be certain to read all prerequisites carefully in order to determine whether the position is relevant to personal qualifications.


Defense, security, and military positions make up a large portion of government overseas jobs. In addition to postings for enlisted military personnel and officers, international employment in the military can also include administrative positions, medical jobs, chaplaincy opportunities, and positions in human resources. Countries that have many overseas military bases may offer opportunities all over the world, and can provide an excellent way to travel while earning a living with a government position. Working on a military base also allows new workers the opportunity to explore a foreign country while still living and working with fellow countrymen.

Public health jobs are often available for those with medical training or a background in public health administration. These positions can be available throughout the world, and generally focus on providing medical assistance, training, or advice to both citizens abroad as well as citizens and governments of friendly nations. Public health jobs may include postings for doctors, nurses, and specialty practitioners, as well as health administrators. In some cases, healthcare jobs may include advisory positions, designed to help develop, implement, and monitor healthcare programs overseas.

Working in a diplomatic position allows a citizen to help improve international foreign relationships. Diplomatic positions may be available in any overseas nation with an embassy, and can have widely varying requirements. Some positions with the diplomatic core will involved direct work with foreign governments, but many jobs in this area also provide support, and administration services to ambassadors and diplomats. As with most government jobs overseas, eligible applicants must pass strict background checks, and may need to be fluent in the local language relevant to the job.

Many different agencies offer government jobs overseas that require more basic skills. Administrative positions are available with dozens of different agencies, and may require little specialized knowledge outside of on-the-job training programs. Financial personnel, such as accountants, may also be able to find employment with many different agencies around the world. For these more general job postings, it may help to determine a list of preferred countries before beginning a job search, as this can narrow down the possible range of positions.



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