What Are the Different Types of Garment Industry Jobs?

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Garment industry jobs can include positions in manufacturing, research, sales, and development. This industry is extremely large and provides employment for people with a wide range of skills, from sewers to risk management analysts. People with an interest in apparel jobs may find it helpful to review trade publications to learn more about current openings with major firms. Colleges and technical schools that prepare people for work in this field can also provide information.

On the development end of the spectrum, garment industry jobs include positions for textile developers as well as fashion designers. Those working in textiles focus on the development of new fabrics and patterns to create more visual interest or meet specific needs. At an athletic company, for example, fabrics that wick away moisture to keep people dry can be in high demand. Fashion designers work on clothes, setting trends and working with people like pattern designers to turn mockups into models for mass production.

Manufacturing in the garment industry includes the production of textiles as well as finished garments. Sewers are needed, along with people who can embroider, create leather goods, and engage in other detail work. Managers to supervise manufacturing facilities, along with support staff like cleaners, book keepers, and secretaries, are also required. These garment industry jobs can be located in a variety of countries, as many companies source their manufacturing to different regions on the basis of price and availability.


Sales is another aspect of the industry with a number of different kinds of jobs. Some garment industry jobs involve direct retail sales, while clothing manufacturers also need sales representatives to attend trade shows, meet with potential customers, and engage in other promotional activities. Graphic designers to produce advertising campaigns are an important part of the garment industry, as are other advertising and public relations professionals. Companies may want to utilize tools like social networking, for example, in which case they may need consultants to provide assistance.

Other garment industry jobs are available in research. Companies need to keep up with trends in the field as well as issues like projected changes in the cost of raw materials. Researchers can engage in activities that may range from collecting data on the street to see what people are wearing to monitoring cotton futures to see if the price of cotton is about to spike. This can include the preparation of detailed reports discussing research findings.



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