What are the Different Types of Free Workouts?

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There are a variety of different free workouts that make going to the gym an option rather than a necessity. Running, walking, and utilizing exercise equipment commonly found at community parks can be good options. For those who like to do exercise routines, many quality videos are available online for free; there are also several exercise moves that can be done without any equipment or props. Other free workouts include playing sports with friends and utilizing common household items for exercise.

Running and walking are two of the most popular free workouts; all that is needed is a good pair of exercise shoes which many people own for casual wear. On average, running can burn about 100 calories per mile (1.6 kilometers) while walking can burn up to 80 calories per mile. For a more intense workout, routes can be planned to include hills or stairs; this can help to build muscle while still getting a great cardio workout.

One of the lesser known free workouts is the exercise equipment found in many local parks. Especially in larger areas, pull-up bars, sit-up benches, and bars for inclined push-ups may be available. Even if this type of equipment is not found at a local park, play structures with stairs and monkey bars can be a good option for exercise.


The Internet and television have made it possible for people to learn new workout routines without taking a class at a local gym. There are numerous videos online that cost nothing to download; those looking for free workouts can find numerous cardio workouts, strength training routines, and instructions for yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi. For those interested in toning, many major health websites offer free, printable instructions for toning each part of the body. These routines and moves can provide a quality workout all from the comfort of home.

Getting together with friends and playing sports such as touch football or soccer can also provide great free workouts. Family or friends can also get together to ride bikes, go on hikes, or head to the lake or beach to swim; these activities can also be done alone. Many larger companies sponsor teams that meet once a week for a friendly game of softball or basketball, thereby providing employees with a chance to exercise.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate free workouts into daily life. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator and walking or biking to and from work can be good options for many people. In place of traditional weights, heavy cans or bricks can build muscle. Household stairs can be used for step routines, and even common chores, such as vacuuming or mopping, can burn calories.



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