What are the Different Types of Fixed Shower Heads?

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Fixed shower heads are shower heads that cannot be removed from the wall or ceiling. A fixed shower head mounted to the wall is a common bathroom feature, but ceiling-mounted shower heads are growing in popularity. These large rainfall shower heads hang from the ceiling and allow the water to fall straight rather than spray at an angle. There are many different types of fixed shower heads available, including rainfall, dual, massaging, low-flow and adjustable shower heads.

Many homes come with fixed shower heads. It is not necessary to do an entire bathroom upgrade to change to a different shower head, so this is a common home improvement. Shower heads are typically easy to remove and change, though someone who is unsure should typically hire a qualified plumber or contractor to make sure the end result is a good one. The most difficult change is usually switching from a wall-mounted to a ceiling-mounted design.

A shower upgrade by changing shower heads is often a very inexpensive improvement, as well. Many fixed shower heads that don't cost much more than a standard model are adjustable with different levels of pressure and water patterns. Adjustable fixed shower heads stay attached to the wall mounting hardware but can usually be turned from side to side or up and down. They may have a knob or dial that allows the water pressure to be increased or dialed back.


Massaging shower heads can usually be adjusted as well. They also allow different types of water spray. Some pulse a few clustered streams of water in a rapid-fire pattern, while others have many different choices that range from something similar to a rainfall shower to a pounding massage. Dual shower heads are simply two shower heads hooked to the same base. These can usually be moved to aim at two different people for shared showers. They can also be a good option for someone who wants a larger spray, or for those who have low water pressure.

Low-flow fixed shower heads are an increasingly popular style that can help reduce water usage while still providing adequate water pressure and flow. A standard fixed shower head will spray water at whatever speed the pressure pushes it through the pipes, which can be several gallons or liters per minute. Low-flow shower heads have built-in gauges called restrictors that limit the water usage. Most low-flow designs won't spray more than 2 gallons (about 7.6 liters) of water per minute. This is designed to minimize waste while still providing enough pressure for a comfortable shower.



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